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Easy Solution To Autoship Cancellations

Is your income nose-diving due to “Auto-Ship Shrinkage” ?
Is your downline cancelling auto-ships faster than you can add them?

There is an easy solution…  don’t be part of a business that needs auto-ship to make it profitable, because in this economy, people are NOT going to stay on auto-ship.

Watch this 3 minute video to see what I mean…

Imagine how strong your RETENTION would be if there was NO AUTOSHIP…

In Momentis we get paid for Customer Acquisition… but we don’t have to ask anyone to try or buy anything they aren’t already buying because we sell electricity and natural gas as well as other essential household services.

The federal government has mandated that all states deregulate their energy utilities by 2015,  and just like the TelCom  deregulation of the 1990s,  this has created a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity for those who take action.

Big change means BIG OPPORTUNITY.   There is a HUGE amount of money on the table and Momentis is paying out BIG TIME.

There is a great overview of the Momentis opportunity online at .

Check it out to to discover why so many people are making so much money with Momentis… and why we haven’t even scratched the surface.

Then call me and I’ll tell you about our group’s  proprietary lead generation system.   This is networking on STEROIDS without ever talking to “friends and family”.

That’s why we are the fastest growing team in Momentis.

I look forward to discussing the possibilities with you very soon!

God Bless,
Santa Ana, CA

P.S.  We’re open in all 50 states, all Canadian provinces, and the UK … Mexico is coming very soon!

The Internet is the greatest wealth generation tool of all time, and there is NO RECESSION on the Internet….


If you’re like me, you’re intrigued by the idea of finally earning what you’re worth and being able to work from anywhere and make your own hours.

Imagine what you’re life will be like once you learn to make money on the Internet…

How will you feel when you finally get “beyond money”… when you’re at a point where you have enough income coming in every month so that money is no longer an issue in your life…

When you can provide the things for your family that you’ve always wanted to… travel first class to great destinations … give abundantly to the causes that matter to you… help others who need a hand up… make a difference.

Imagine what it will be like when you can get up when you’re finished sleeping, instead of when the alarm clock goes off… and imagine how much more pleasant each morning would be if your commute was just down the hall to your home office… or to the local coffee shop where you can do your work on your laptop or iPad.

I can tell you from experience, this is a MUCH better way to live!

I was 61 and tired when I finally decided to TAKE CONTROL and figure out how to make money online. I knew others were doing it, and so I knew that if I could just find out what they knew, I could do it too.

I’ve always been willing to work hard. I’ve earned good money and we’ve enjoyed a comfortable lifestyle, but until I discovered the basic formula for making money online, I could never get much beyond just paying the bills.

And we DEFINITELY don’t have enough investment income to even consider retirement… can you relate?

I paid a big price in time and money to learn the skills necessary to create a profitable online business. It was hard… and the task felt almost overwhelming many times…. I didn’t grow up with this stuff. If you feel that way too, I have very good news for you…

Two very unlikely young guys who have experienced amazing success online in just a few years, have created a business that ANYONE CAN DO, regardless of experience.

They have a simple product and a simple system for making money with it, and they’re sharing their business and their knowledge with anyone who chooses to participate.

It’s not a get rich quick scheme…. it requires a willingness to work and learn… but if you’re ready to take back control of YOUR life, these guys have created the best system I’ve seen for doing that. And you can have it for just $25.

It’s simple, it only takes an hour or two a day, and you can start have commissions deposited into your bank within 24 hours of getting started.

In fact, I challenge you to see if their video doesn’t make you want to buy their system. I’ll bet it does. But don’t worry…. it’s only $25.

To find out, and to get the rest of the story, fill in your contact info below and click the button to GET INSTANT ACCESS. Then watch Dave Woods share an idea that can help you make a LOT of money on the Internet.

Dave’s a bit scruffy looking for my taste, but I’ve met him and he’s a great guy with a big heart. And he’s one of the most successful individuals in the world in Internet Marketing.

As Tony Robbins always says, “SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES”.

Turn off all the distractions and TAKE NOTES as this very successful young man shares some very valuable information with you… information that can literally change your life for the better.

I’ll see you on the other side of that click!

“MUST SEE” video by GARY VEYNERCHUK about monetizing Social Media!

Gary Vaynerchuk is the author of “Crush It” and one of the most effective Social Media marketers on the planet. This one hour video is fun and it’s FILLED with profitable ideas that will help you make money with social media.

Enjoy and make money!

Take away quote:

“If you want to sell something in 2012 you need
to be on Social Media. Period. End of story.”


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The second annual LIVE THE DREAM event is coming up this Fall and registration opens in just 3 days.  I attended the first one last October and it was the BEST training event for online lead generation that I’ve ever attended.

The guys at MLSP have posted 3 full training presentations from that event and the price is right… it’s FREE.    I saw those presentations personally and they are full of solid content.   I highly recommend watching them and taking notes.

They are also hosting a FIRST EVER live streaming Mastermind Call on how to use the new Google+ social network to grow your business.

You can get access to the free training AND the live event this Wednesday
right HERE.

Hey Guys-

The 2010 LIVE THE DREAM event is history. I was there and it was a POWERFUL experience.  Outstanding training from some of the most successful networkers on the Internet today.

The GREAT NEWS is that the 5 free training videos they used to promote the event are STILL AVAILABLE.  They are each about 40 minutes of pure content.  The strategies they teach will help you make money online.

Check them out here. Just push PAUSE on Norbert’s video and you’ll find the links to the training videos right under his video screen.

Hey Guys- If you have never heard ANDY ANDREWS speak you are in for a BIG TREAT Wednesday Sept 15th. Andy is doing a live webinar at noon Pacific / 3:00 Eastern.   And the price is right… it’s FREE!

Andy’s topic is “Creating the Life You Deserve“.

Even if you can’t make it to the live broadcast, register for the webinar so you’ll get a link to the recording. Andy is the author of “The Traveler’s Gift” … if you haven’t read that yet, do… it will change your life!

Here’s the link to register for Andy’s FREE webinar on the 15th: